Welcome to Northwest Wining and Dining

Where you will discover a carefully curated collection of the recipes, cooking tips, and photos of Seattle-based author Braiden Rex-Johnson, who wrote about the foods and wines of the Pacific Northwest for 25 years.

Braiden is also the founder/editor of two other websites, FiveMoreMinutesWith.com and BraidenBlossoms.com.

Braiden Blossoms is a place of beauty and a respite from everyday life. It features Braiden’s iPhone photos that are taken using Hipstamatic lenses and flashes or are enhanced using the Waterlogue “painting” app. Categories of photos include Hipstamatic and Waterlogue Flowers, Food, Remains, Whimsical, and Nostalgic, among others.

Five More Minutes With is an inspirational-tribute website with a wide array of heartfelt tributes dedicated to dearly departed family members, friends, teachers, and pets, along with an ever-changing collection of Inspiring Moment photos.

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